UTLA Virtual Summer Program

UTLA Virtual Program Summer 2020

Get an inside look at the changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

What’s included in the UTLA Virtual Program?

Remote networking, industry access, and educational events.

  • Thursday Morning Q&As with alumni who are at the top of their fields.
  • Online panels, screenings, and discussions with industry insiders.
  • Access to remote internship opportunities and help with your application materials.
  • One-on-one mentorship from an alum with expertise in your area of interest.
  • Career-building workshops, including a mock-interview program.
  • Access to UTLA’s industry-focused courses, now taught online.

What are the requirements for participation?

  •  Apply  by Wednesday, April 22! - We are no longer accepting applications. Contact us for questions.
  • Enroll in 9 credit hours of UTLA summer courses. (You may enroll in 3 or 6 hours of internship credit as a part of this requirement.)
  • You are not required to do an internship, but we will support you if you choose to pursue one.

What are the UTLA Program Courses?

RTF 348: Telling and Selling the Story, taught by Diana Kerew-Shaw

ADV 378/PR 378: Discoverability: How to Get Noticed in Hollywood, taught by Cynthia Lieberman RTF 347C: How Hollywood Works, taught by Stuart Pollok

RTF 348: Inside the Music Industry, taught by Drew Ferrante

RTF 348: New Media and Emerging Entertainment, taught by James Fino RTF 348: The Working Hollywood Writer, taught by Alisha Brophy

How much does the UTLA Virtual Program cost?


UTLA Virtual Program Costs for Summer 2020

Comparison costs: typical UTLA Summer in-residence program

Housing Fee



Program Fee



UT Tuition*

*Varies by student


(Texas resident, 9 credit hours reduced rate)

$3,628* (Texas resident, 9 credit hours)

Contact us at UTLA@austin.utexas.edu