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Learn in Los Angeles

UTLA is an intensive, immersive educational experience. In addition to their internships, students take classes from professionals working in the industry, hear from experienced alumni, and get pre-professional training. 

UTLA Courses

UTLA students enroll in a full-time course load of classes taught at the Wofford Denius UTLA Center for Entertainment & Media Studies. The UTLA curriculum is designed to foster a robust understanding of the entertainment industry as a whole. All classes are taught by established professionals. 

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  • RTF 347C: How Hollywood Works, taught by Stuart Pollok
  • RTF 348: Telling and Selling the Story, taught by a working Hollywood producer
  • RTF 348: Inside the Music Industry, taught by Drew Ferrante 
  • RTF 348: Animation Pipeline, taught by James Fino 
  • ADV 378 / PR 378: Television Publicity (Entertainment Promotion, Press and Public Relations), taught by Joy Phillips
  • RTF 348: Working Hollywood Writer (SUMMER ONLY), taught by Barbara Friend

UTLA Internship Credit: RTF 350L, RTF 650L, COM 350L, COM 650L, taught by Amy Lasser

Experiential Learning

UTLA is an intensive program, and that means students stay busy. Through events and mixers, workplace visits, field trips, discussions with alumni, and more, students get the opportunity to be fully immersed in the entertainment industry. Making connections, learning the norms, seeing the sights, and getting comfortable in Los Angeles are integral to the UTLA education.  

Students may also sign up for our optional ancillary programs: the UTLA Alumni Host Mentorship program and the UTLA Mock Interview program. These are alumni-run and have been beneficial for students who want extra support as they prepare for their careers.