Work in LA

Students surrounded by film equipment filming an interview.
Work in Los Angeles

See the work. Do the work.

Los Angeles based internships provide an unrivaled understanding of the entertainment business.

You experience priceless on-the-job training, gain access to decision makers, and create meaningful industry contacts. In LA, you equip yourself for an entertainment career — no matter where you want to be after graduation.


Determine what is best for you

Whatever your passion, there’s a pathway in Los Angeles to pursue it. Decide your professional goals, figure out which job role can help you work toward them, and go after it. A successful internship will supply you with the skills and experience necessary to guide you on your career journey.

Prepare for your internship search

You are responsible for securing your own internship, but there is plenty of help along the way. Staff at the Denius Center are available to help and you will begin receiving email updates on industry openings in a wide range of areas, including production, post-production, creative, screenwriting, casting, acting, public relations, advertising, and more. 

Trade publications such as Variety, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, and The Wrap as well the Hollywood creative directories for specific information on a company are excellent resources and are available online through university libraries, or through the Communication Career Center. Review the UTLA Internship Resume Guide and the UTLA Internship Cover Letter Guide to get started.

Internship requirements

You are required to enroll in an internship course that satisfies your degree plan in order to receive academic credit for your internship. Consult with your academic advisor if you have any questions regarding the internship course and how it may fulfill your degree requirements.

Advertising, Public Relations, and Journalism students: If you plan to participate in the program and wish to register for the internship that counts for your degree requirements (instead of COM350L), you must contact your academic advisor and/or internship coordinator in your department the semester before you plan to attend and follow the application process outlined on the ADV/PR Internship website and Journalism Internship website. COM 350L cannot be substituted for ADV or PR 350 (the required advertising and public relations internship courses) nor the mandatory internship (or Reporting Texas) course required for Journalism students. These advertising, public relations, and journalism internship courses require important prerequisites, and review and final approval of the internships rests with the department. If you have questions about the process, contact your academic advisor as soon as possible.


Why hire UTLA interns

Equipped with an interdisciplinary education and inquisitive minds, UTLA students are eager to make strides in their chosen career paths. The University of Texas at Austin prepares students to perform at all levels by effectively turning their passions into tangible, real-world skills.

How to engage

The UTLA program operates year-round with 50 to 100 students looking for internships every Fall, Spring and Summer semester. If you are interested in hiring UTLA students at your company, please reach out to UTLA Program Manager Amy Lasser for more details.