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Work in Los Angeles

The core of the UTLA experience is a hands-on internship in the entertainment industry.  

By interning with established companies, students gain new skills, meaningful industry contacts, and an insider’s perspective.

The entertainment industry is notoriously hard to break into, but UTLA sets students up for success by helping them get their foot in the door.  

What kinds of internships do students do?

All UTLA students are required to enroll in an “internship for credit” course and intern with a company within the entertainment industry. Find out more about internship course registration requirements.

Whether you’re interested in the music industry, animation, TV production, gaming, publicity, film financing, screenwriting, advertising, entertainment news, podcasting, talent management, or some other facet of entertainment, you’ll be able to find an internship in Los Angeles that will teach you something about the business.

Recent UTLA Student Internships

Starburns Industries
NBC Sports
Cartoon Network
Citizen Jones
MGMT Entertainment
Culture Creative Entertainment
Josephson Entertainment
Raimi Productions

River Road Entertainment
Los Angeles Magazine
Arad Productions
Kerner Entertainment Company
QC Entertainment
Producer’s Guild of America
Crowd Surf

Warner Bros. Entertainment
Warner Media
Pulse Music Group
Samuel Goldwyn Films

Luke Hooten

Luke Hooten, Radio-Television-Film

Internship: NBC Sports, Consumer Engagement Marketing

“I worked with the NBC Sports Consumer Engagement Marketing team to assist in the ideation and execution of traditional and social media marketing stunts for the NHL, Kentucky Derby, Olympics, and more.”
Trey Ingram

Trey Ingram, Radio-Television-Film

Internship: Crowd Surf

"I worked on marketing-related projects for a music marketing company. This allowed me to create digital media assets for social media, conduct research and outreach for trends and media campaigns, create reports and spreadsheets with data I collected, and attend professional meetings with music and marketing executives as well as an in-person concert event. I also worked with a group of interns within the company to create a media campaign.
Jillian Sikes

Jillian Sikes, Communication Studies

Internship: Shine Talent Group

“This has been a better experience than I imagined. I learned how to pitch talent to brands, recruit new talent, and see collaboration deals through –all with amazing coworkers!”
Adrian Vasquez

Adrian Vasquez, Marketing

Internship: Blumhouse, Streaming Department

“In my Blumhouse internship, I was instructed to complete coverage on material with potential to be made into content for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime; material ranged from feature film and television scripts to book series. Outside of coverage, interns were given the opportunity to participate in Q&A experiences with many of the executives and assistants at Blumhouse Productions.”

How will I get an internship?

Students are responsible for securing their own internships with the support and guidance of the UTLA team prior to arriving in Los Angeles.

The pre-departure term is an important part of the UTLA experience. Once admitted to the program, you’ll have access to an online portal where you’ll learn about industry expectations for resumes and cover letters, get access to writing tips and insider knowledge we get from our industry partners, and submit drafts of your application materials for review.

Then you’ll get access to the UTLA internship database and sit down with our team to put together an application strategy. The UTLA internship database is full of opportunities with companies where we have a contact or have an established relationship, so it’s a great place to start an internship search.

Colleen HeadshotDon’t worry, you won’t be on your own for your internship search. As part of our LA-based team, Colleen Washington works year-round to develop relationships with industry partners. Bringing years of industry experience to UTLA, she oversees the UTLA internship database and makes sure that we stay up to date with industry standards, expectations, and needs. Learn more about Colleen.